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Engis Japan Environmental Policy

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Engis Japan Corporation recognizes that environmental preservation on a global scale is one of the most important challenges for human beings. Therefore, we endeavor to continuously reduce the environmental impact of our activities in all of our various business fields and contribute to creating the economic and social structures that will allow sustainable growth.


  1. Compliance with Environmental-related Laws
    We shall aggressively work on implementing our independent environmental preservation activities as well as conforming to all environment-related laws, regulations, agreements, and requirements from the industry and our customers.
  2. Reduction of Environmental Impacts and Prevention of Contamination
    ・Effective use and conservation of natural resources and energies
    ・Environmentally conscious procurement of materials and components
    ・Work on suppression and recycling of industrial wastes,
    and environmentally conscious and proper disposal of waste products
  3. Setting of Environmental Objectives and Targets
    We shall set appropriate environmental objectives and targets for reduction of environmental impacts, prevention of contamination, etc., according to the business activities, products, and service environment, and strive to improve the environmental conditions.
  4. Continuous Improvement
    We shall develop aggressive measures to continuously improve and enhance environmental business management.
  5. Enlightenment
    We shall conduct an internal environmental audit, independently maintain and enhance environmental management, and provide environmental education training so that our employees can well understand our environmental policy to enhance their environmental consciousness.
  6. Public Relations
    We shall promote PR activities to let our partner companies, including vendors and contractors, understand our environmental policy as well as enhance their environmental consciousness.


We at Engis Japan Corporation post this environmental policy
in our office as well as publicizing it upon request.

May 22, 2009
Hirokazu Sasai
Representative Director
Engis Japan Corporation