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Demo Lab

We’d like to introduce five application processes (out of more than 10,000 such processes) that have made a great contribution to achieving “high precision, high quality, short lead time, and low cost.”

The competitive advantage of Engis Japan Corporation is that we can provide a total solution of super-abrasive lapping and polishing technologies. At the Demonstration Laboratory of Engis Japan, we have been working on developing application processes that can meet a variety of customer needs.

In addition, our experienced laboratory staff can explain about the support to be provided before, during, and after introduction of the system. We at Engis Japan propose the optimum equipment and process at a reasonable cost according to the application and installation environment of each customer.


Instruments Used for Evaluation and Measurement

・AFM (atomic-force microscope)
・Contact surface roughness tester
・Laser interferometer
・Non-contact surface roughness tester
・Nomarski interference contrast (NIC) microscope