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Storage: HDD Magnetic Head

Case 3: Magnetic Head Lapping/Polishing Process

The magnetic head of a hard disk drive (HDD), the typical storage unit used for a PC, consists of composite materials. In order to prevent the loss of recording density, the high-density ceramic substrate and thin metal film need to be lapped and polished without leaving any recess. In addition, the polished surface (air-bearing surface) is finished as a fine spherical surface to prevent its crashing against a disk so as to maintain the flying height of the head.


Lapping/Polishing Process and Method

Curved surface cut by
Micro-groove facing
The EJW-460F-AR model mounted with air spindles is used to cut the curved surface and microgrooves. Diamond powder of µm level is charged into a lapping plate surface to perform a final super-finish polish.


Process Result

Surface roughness: 0.15 nm, Polished recess: 0.5 nm
Crown: 30 nm
Our technologies for lapping and polishing HDD magnetic heads already have reached the highest level in the industry. We will continue to further evolve our storage process technologies, including development of new engineering techniques.