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Ceramic Conditioning Ring


Ceramic Conditioning Ring

A ceramic conditioning ring is used to charge the diamond powder in the slurry sprayed over a lap surface plate evenly on the surface plate. Use of a ceramic ring allows efficient fixing of diamond powder to prevent chipping or scratching.


Code No.
Lap Surface Plate Size Ceramic Ring
(Outer Diameter x Inner Diameter x Height)
8″ type
ø98 mm × ø79 mm × 35 mm H
ACR-101S 12″ type ø143 mm × ø108 mm × 40 mm H
ACR-102S 15″ type ø178 mm × ø140 mm × 40mm H
ACR-103S 18″ type ø220 mm × ø182 mm × 55 mm H
ACR-104S 24″ type ø286 mm × ø250 mm × 55 mm H
ACR-105S 28″ type ø360 mm × ø322 mm × 70 mm H
ACR-106S 36″ type ø435 mm × ø385 mm × 70 mm H
ACR-108S 48″ type ø500 mm × ø452 mm × 70 mm H

※These are the specifications of S type based on stainless steel.
※A ceramic conditioning ring of other size can be separately quoted upon request.