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FMD Lamp/Optical Flat


FMD Lamp/Optical Flat

The Hyprez® FMD lamp is the most advanced flatness measurement device, replacing a conventional helium lamp. A green light (wavelength: 5,461 Å) backs up the optical flat to clearly indicate a fringe pattern on a mirror surface. Also, it can take a clear photograph of the fringe pattern with ASA400 film.

Specifications (FMD Lamp)

Watt Size
10” × 12”

※All power is single-phase 100 V.


Specifications (Optical Flat)

ø60 mm
ø80 mm
ø100 mm
ø130 mm ø150 mm ø200 mm

※The flatness accuracy is available in two types: 0.2 µm and 0.05 µm.
※The optical flat in other size and other flatness accuracy will be separately quoted and manufactured upon request.