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EJ-300IN / EJ-380IN

Compact Desktop Lapping System

EJ-300IN / EJ-380IN

Engis lapping and polishing systems provide state-of-the-art super-finishing solutions for a variety of industries, including aerospace, automobiles, semiconductors, data storage, and optical communications.

Engis lapping and polishing systems offer the highest quality finished components, processed in the quickest cycle times, while minimizing your manufacturing costs. Designed to maximize the excellent finishing performance of precision diamond slurries, they are available in various types such as an 8-inch type for R&D and a desktop 12/15-inch type.


Model EJ-300IN / EJ-380IN
Adjustable-speed drive
(provided with a slow-start/stop function)
0 through 110 rpm
Outer diameter of usable surface plate ø300 mm(EJ-300IN)
ø380 mm(EJ-380IN)
 Roller-arm support method  Two stations (EJ-300IN)
Three stations (EJ-380IN)
 Digital machining timer  Max. 99 min. 59 sec.
 Motor directly connected to brake  AC 200 V, three-phase 0.4 W
 Main power  100 V, three-phase 20 A
 Main unit size  500 mm W x 700 mm D x 340 mm H (EJ-300IN)
500 mm W x 780 mm D x 410 mm H (EJ-380IN)
 Net weight  60 kg (EJ-300IN)
70 kg (EJ-380IN)