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High-Precision Automatic Lapping System


EJW-610IFN-2AL/CMP is a high-precision automatic lapping system that is optimum for sapphire wafers or SiC wafers use in manufacturing LEDs and power devices that require high-precision lapping and polishing processes. This system is equipped with a high-precision facing unit and uses a lapping plate of maximum 610 mm (24”) in outer diameter. It allows simultaneous lapping of two wafers put into vacuum contact with the vacuum chuck by pressurizing, driving, and oscillating them.

System Features

• Processing of up to 8” wafers
• Clean and safe wafer handling with vacuum chucks
• Use of a 2-axis motorized drive mechanism that allows high throughput
as well as stable lapping and polishing

• Automatic-sizing mechanism, mountable as an option
• LCD touch-panel screen for easy operation

• High-precision facing unit
• Up to 10 recipes can be registered by the multi-step program


Main Specifications

System Model EJW-610IFN-2AL/CMP
Lapping Plate Diameter Outer diameter ø610 mm (24″)
x Inner diameter ø100 mm
(Special specifications)
Number of Pressure Heads Two heads
Dimensions W2,000 mm x D2,000 mm x H2,000 mm
Weight  1,300 kg

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